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At TheSourceO, we believe in the power of skilled professionals and are committed to fostering a culture of excellence and innovation. Join us on our journey to redefine the standards of remote business solutions.

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Our Story

TheSourceO was founded in 2023 by brothers Waleed Waqar and Naveed Waqar, driven by a shared passion for delivering exceptional website design, digital marketing, and social media marketing services. Recognizing the challenges clients faced with high service fees and rigid company policies, we committed to offering more value and flexibility.

Our innovative solution? Providing businesses with access to a full team of experts at the cost of individual service charges. Clients can now hire highly skilled remote professionals without the burden of office space, rent, or utility bills. This approach has been well-received by our clients, who have experienced rapid growth thanks to our affordable, top-tier talent.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses by connecting them with the top 1% of remote talent, streamlining their operations, and driving significant growth. We are dedicated to delivering excellence through our premium BPO solutions, ensuring that our clients achieve their desired outcomes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Vission

Our vision is to expand our reach globally, starting with a strong focus on Pakistan. We aim to harness the growing IT market in Pakistan by hiring the best talent available. By building a robust team of experts, we aspire to be the leading provider of high-quality BPO services, supporting businesses worldwide in achieving their goals.

Common Queries & Answers

No, there’s no binding long-term commitment. You can conclude our agreement with just a 7-day notice. If you opt for an extended commitment, we offer special pricing packages tailored for such arrangements.

We implement a comprehensive selection process, including sharing resumes, Loom video introductions, and interviews, to ensure a suitable match. Should adjustments be necessary, we provide complimentary access to our On-the-Job training program. If a complete change is desired, a replacement can be arranged.

Upon agreement, we can securely keep your credit card details for bi-weekly automatic billing. Alternatively, we can send you a Ruul invoice every two weeks.

Quality is maintained through meticulous selection and clear accountability. Your dedicated Account Manager takes the lead, ensuring success and underscoring the value of The Source O.

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